Service Robot Station


Bionic barista

Eckhardt intelligent coffee robot (bionic barista), the design concept of the whole set of equipment truly uses the barista’s technique and technology to make a cup of high-quality coffee on site, strictly follows the coffee production process, and ensures the pure taste of each cup of coffee.

Unmanned New Retail Service

Our devices are suitable for unmanned retail application scenarios, from mobile payments to online ordering, to AI artificial intelligence voice interaction and other functions, and are truly representative of the future of smart retail pioneer products.

Modular design

We fully consider the maintenance and service needs of the equipment. The equipment is easy to operate, and the internal parts are designed to be modular for easy disassembly. The robot system is embedded with remote service modules, allowing manufacturers to remotely understand faults and provide corresponding after-sales support at any time.

Customized services

Our team has strong engineering design capabilities to meet customers’ customized needs, including appearance, overall color matching, and personalized product functionality.