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About the Founder

Mr. Eckhard came to China in 2002 and has been in China for 20 years now. In 2022, he obtained the People’s Republic of China Foreigner Permanent Residence Identity Card and became a real Chinese.

Advanced technology projects that can be used for export development and meet domestic market standards. Benchmarking and promoting products with competitors at international exhibitions in several countries including South America, North Africa, Asia, and Germany.

Since arriving in Ningbo, Pylon International Trading Co Ltd has been established as the representative office of Pylon Hong Kong. In order to better expand the technology field and develop the domestic market, Ningbo Mighty Intelligent Technology company has been established in Ningbo. In 2008, Eckhard was awarded the Camellia Award and Tourism Award of Ningbo City.

Eckhard Goessl represented Tengtou Town in Ningbo at the 2010 World Exhibition held at the Ningbo Tengtou Exhibition Hall in Shanghai. Since the establishment of Ningbo Pylong Company, the development, and cooperation of international trade have always been the focus of his work.

He has contributed to strengthening trade between Ningbo Port and Wilhelm Port in Germany, as well as trade between his existing clients in the United States and South America, as well as the Middle East and Germany.

Mr. Eckhard has always maintained the spirit of craftsmanship in researching intelligent coffee robots, and every rigorous production has achieved every perfect Eckhardt  coffee. What we are provided with is not only coffee but also a German craftsmanship culture and Eckhardt family spirit inheritance.