Eckhardt Brand Story

Host Introduction:

In Germany, adults drink about two liters of coffee every day. The profound coffee culture is imprinted in their daily lives. This is particularly evident in the 66 year old German Eckhard. In the 17th century, the Eckard family was knighted and had their own emblem that could be passed down. Today, glory still exists, but life returns to mediocrity. As one of the only heirs of the family, after graduation, Eckard embarked on a journey of exploring the world. After walking over half of the earth, in 2002, the Eckhard couple arrived in Ningbo. In addition to diligent work, I taught German and actively helped foreign friends who had just arrived in Ningbo, organizing gatherings, buying and cooking, practicing Tai Chi, planting flowers and plants, and so on, which formed the plain and happy ten years of the Eckhard couple in Ningbo. Unconsciously, Ningbo has become a place that can be called home, and Ningbo also regards them as its own family. From the government to the school, from students to friends, the selfless help provided warm comfort to Eckahrd during the most difficult times. In the opening of a new chapter in life, this will be the fertile ground for his life and career, and also carry the destination of love. Creating authentic European coffee drinks using intelligent devices has always been the dream of Eckard, who holds an advanced degree in mechanical engineering. Standing at the forefront of China’s rapid development, he is willing to become a preacher of coffee culture. Zheng Ning, a friend with excellent mechanical intelligence technology, became his partner in realizing his dream. The two hit it off and began the research and development of coffee robots.

Zheng Ning:

I think this is a trend in new retail, and Mr. Eckhard’s philosophy is also very innovative. Through communication with him, I feel that his coffee philosophy and philosophy are very profound. For us, combining the technology of traditional industrial robots with the application scenarios of coffee is a new challenge and attempt.

Host Introduction:

Eckhard named its coffee brand Eckhardt, which is derived from the homophonic name, and more importantly, it embodies the hope of inheriting the family name and creating a masterpiece that will be passed down. For this reason, he stubbornly demanded that this coffee robot must fully replicate the techniques and techniques of European coffee masters in brewing coffee, and actively participate in the design and equipment selection and transformation. As the core of the entire equipment, modified from the world’s top ABB industrial robotic arm, through the control system, all coffee making steps can be connected and some production processes can be completed in a narrow space. A refrigerator for storing milk can also control the milk capacity required for different coffee drinks through control equipment and pipeline pumps. In addition, the milking machine, water purifier, flower drawing machine, coffee grinder, Italian style coffee machine, capping device, and hidden internal control host together form the skeleton of the coffee robot. In a production time of no more than 50 seconds, a cup of coffee will be brewed from three selected coffee beans mixed and ground by Eckhardt, and then brewed with high temperature pure water at 92 to 94 degrees Celsius. Some coffee drinks with different flavors also require European milk patterns to complement them. The uniqueness of coffee masters lies in the details, and Eckard also incorporates these techniques into the entire production process. For example, the gentle tapping of this coffee on the desktop can make the milk more evenly and delicately mixed in the coffee, and the subtle taste differences establish the extraordinary quality of a cup of Eckhard coffee. Reusable equipment such as milking tubes and measuring cups will undergo high-temperature steam cleaning during the production of each cup of coffee to ensure cleanliness. As a fully enclosed and complete coffee brewing cleaning system, coffee robots not only efficiently achieve all the functionalities of the entire coffee making process, but also reflect the polishing of fourth-generation products in the past three years. The craftsmanship of unifying the quality of 400 cups per day is unwavering.

On this day, the BIC Enterprise Incubation Center jointly established by Eckhard and his friend Lily officially opened. Amidst a lively and festive atmosphere, the coffee robot located on the first floor in the center became the focus of everyone’s attention while chatting.


The BIC Business Incubation Center is a shared space for light entrepreneurship created by Mr. Eckhard and me. We hope this is a creative environment. Eckhardt coffee robot is particularly in line with our concept, especially in the current COVID-19 epidemic, this non-contact coffee robot is particularly competitive.

Host Introduction:

Faced with the increasing number of orders, Eckhard and Zheng Ning have launched new upgrade work, reducing the equipment volume to 40% of today’s, supplemented by fashionable and transparent overall enclosed shells, and continuously shortening production time, all of which are their next stage improvement goals. Eckhard also emphasized the hope of incorporating big data and interactive intelligence into the system, conveying his optimistic and humorous attitude towards life and thoughtful personalized needs to all customers with cups of coffee.


I firmly believe that in the future, coffee robots will not only be the main business, but we have to spent a lot of time promoting coffee culture in China. I should tell my Chinese friends what makes a good cup of coffee with an authentic taste.

Host Introduction:

From each cup of coffee, donate one yuan to charity, support multiple impoverished students, and volunteer German language courses. In silence, this German fulfilled his promise to repay China. In March 2022, Eckhard achieved his greatest wish in life and obtained a permanent residence permit for foreigners in the People’s Republic of China. My wish has been fulfilled, and the rest of my life is peaceful. Eckhard calmly draws new design curves, savors familiar coffee, and serves delicate flowers and plants. He believes that every work has its own soul, regardless of nationality or interests. Listening to each other and feeling with heart, it is a fragrant story about the years of love.

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