Whole store output   Worry-free cooperation

Project DescriptionInvestment franchisees[Eckhard  Coffee Robot] Professional Operation
Site selectionEquipment ConstructionWe have our own standard system and location model based on big data
No need for self-handlingNo need to personally workWe unify standardized packaging output and quickly build it
Talent ServicesNo need to hire oneselfWe have our own professional operation team to operate professionally
Product SupplyNo need for self handlingWe have a unified product and supply chain management
Equipment operation and maintenanceNo need to handle operation and maintenance on your ownWe have our own intelligent and efficient operation and maintenance system, which ensures timely and fast operation and maintenance
Middle and backend customer serviceNo need to worry about everything and do it yourselfWe have a professional team to provide full service
Franchise incomeNo need to worry about benefitsWe will escort you throughout the journey
You just need toAs an investor, you only need to closely monitor the investment information of the [Eckhardt  Coffee Robot] service, and combine your own financial capabilities and expected investment returns to choose a suitable level of contracting and franchise plan. We will be responsible for all the remaining operating expenses such as site selection, equipment construction, water and electricity rent, logistics, inventory, goods, labor, etc. You only need to check the profit amount every month without worry.