Bringing a unique experience from European life through a fair, enthusiastic, and innovative coffee business model; Providing unique and high-quality services, high-quality coffee products, and knowledge to enable customers to enjoy the coffee experience and inspire them;  Serving customers proudly and collaborating with passionate partners to fulfill the promise of “Eckhardt Coffee Art”.

Eckhardt is committed to building an unmanned new retail coffee chain brand and has achieved technological leadership and innovative business value in the industry. Currently, it has independently developed coffee robots – 【 Bionic Coffee Master, F3 Mini Intelligent Coffee Robot 】.Eckhardt  will not only provide customers with delicious coffee but also continue to create an “urban coffee circle space” centered on coffee culture, aiming to break through the traditional chain store business model and bring a new experience of the “third functional space” to the “coffee circle group”. Adhering to the service philosophy of rich products, efficient services, convenience and flexibility, and cost-saving, we aim to provide more coffee enthusiasts with a social service demand of circle culture.