100% reproduction of the barista production process

By using AI to connect the mechanical arm, the coffee machine, and the coffee bean grinder, the Eckhardt coffee robot realizes the development of the simulation coffee robot platform and reproduces the barista’s coffee production process 100%.

One-stop control platform:

By connecting the control panel with the robotic arm, coffee machine, and coffee bean grinder, a unified network control component is implemented to simulate the process of manually making coffee. The three modules collaborate with each other to create personalized coffee flavors.

Efficient and stable production:

Robots can work 24·7, with a maximum production capacity of approximately 400 cups per day. Their products are stable and reliable, maintaining a consistent and delicious taste.

Food safety assurance:

The entire production process is non-contact, and the coffee station has a transparent closed outer shell to achieve robot coffee station isolation from the external environment. The shell material includes glass or acrylic transparent panels, allowing customers to watch the robot work and ensure the safety of the entire process.